You think that to play 10 numbers the bingo is impossible to play with only 21 railings(bars) of 6 numbers so an investment of 42frs by edition. You are septic then to look this at example with 10 numbers.

Here are the 10 chosen numbers: this below railings(bars) to be played on your bulletins 21grilles 6 numbers.

1-st bars

2 eme roast

3 eme roast

4 eme roast

5eme bars

6eme railing(bars):

7eme bars

8eme bars

9 eme roast

10 eme roast

11 eme roast

12 eme roast

13 eme roast

14 eme roast

15eme bars

16 eme roast

17 eme roast

18 eme roast

19 eme roast

20 eme roast

21 eme roast


Example of an edition or you in

Would have 4 parmis numbers the six

: parmis the 6 taken out numbers

Now , please , look at the winning railings(bars) with the numbers in red

You win

10 times 3 numbers and

1 time 4 numbers

Being made(done) the calculation for a 42-franc stake the minimum of the earning would be 5 - 8 times your stake of 42frs and the possibility to play 10 numbers without ruining itself.

If it(he) you manage to take this example and that you would gain(win) the jackpot please think of me.


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