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BOHAIN IN VERMANDOIS the history--------information and urgencies in bohain.

BOHAIN, formerly BOHAING or BOHENG, Silvestris hanus - Village of the former(ancient) vermandois, built in a high and wavy plain, in 58 km in the North of Laon and 22 of the ST-Quentin latitude 49°59 ' the North longitude 3°27 ' is, formerly of the independence Of Amiens, the bailliage of st Quentin, of the election of de Guise, the diocese of Cambrai, today administrative centre of canton, St-Quentin's district, diocese of Soissons.

Boss ST MARTIN.-POPULATION in 1760 , 2152 hours; in 1818 , 2558 hours; in 1836 , 3393 hours, in 1861 , 4651 hours - dependences:les reams, retheuil (hamlet); The small-archies (farm).

Colliette claims that Bohain was built in 12-th century by GILLES of DE ST-AUBERT, his first Lord. But this feeling should be erroneous, because we find from the environment(middle) of the 11-th century, private individuals who take Lord's title of Bohain. However, it seems although GILLES DE ST-AUBERT was the builder of the feudal castle which rose formerly in this village. Bohain's earth(ground) recovered in full fief of the counts of Vermandois.en 1182, Gérard of st-Aubert, Lord of Bohain, being afraid of seeing king Philippe - Auguste gathering(reuniting), as it(he) made(did) him(it) indeed, the vermandois in the crown of France, and wanting by spirit of independence rather than by the fear of seeing depriving of its domains, escaping in the authority of this prince, imagined to declare itself the liegeman of the abbot of vermand, and to take place under its suzerainty.

Later, this submission having become unbearable and humiliating to the owners of Bohain, they tried by several times to escape to it, but always without them Englishmen(English) succès. plundered Bohain in 1339, because this village was not then provided with means of defence; but in the first years of the 15-th century, Bohain's earth(ground), which carried(wore) from - lors the title of châtelline, being crossed(spent) as a result of alliance in the hands of the supreme commander of St Pol, this Lord made surround this maids' village and robust bulwarks, and reconstruct the castle. The historians celebrate in the envy(urge) the size(greatness) and the magnificence of this second castle, ruins of which one saw still in the middle of the last century.

These fortifications were able to protect Bohain from the misfortunes of the war. Attacked(affected) and taken by bourguignon in 1479, it(he) was resumed by French two years later. The English invested(surrounded) him(it) again in 1523 and repeated bosses of it meeting no resistance, having succeeded in intimidating the governor; but soon later, the trémouille resumed him(it) and made(did) the garrison prisoner. The imperial made cowls(mitres) of it in turn in 1536. It(he) made(did) still it the seat seven years later, but were able to this time seize it. Balagny took him(it) in 1588.

Soon later it(he) fell in the power of Spanish, first time in 1593, and second time in 1636.turenne resumed him(it) to them the suivante. - year in times more moved closer to us, Bohain again had to suffer invasions étrangères.en on 1793, after Valenciennes's grip, enemy seized this village and delivered him(it,her) to the plunder. The year, it(he) was mistreated by Autrichiens.-En on 1760, Bohainétait governed to the police by a hereditary mayor named(appointed) by the Lord of the place, in the civil and criminal causes by the bailli of this seigneuravec call(appeal) in St-Quentin's bailliage, and in wood by a particular venery.

Of Bohain's earth(ground) raised(found) formerly nine fiefs, among which that of sequehart was most important.-It(he) is held in Bohain a market - franc the 15 of every month, and two weekly markets, every Tuesday and vendredis. - a welfare office was established there in 1824.

Bohain looked the day to louis Braillon, famous doctor in 16-th century, and lived also a part(party) of his(her) youth Henri Matisse the painter.

The Lords of Bohain; on 1058. Reginold or Régnier, of Bohain.vers's 1120 Bohain.1087 Gui Gilles de St-Aubert, Hainaut's seneschal, Lord of Bohain.1224 René de Montchâlons, Lord of bosmont and Bohain.1282 Pierre of France, tells d'Alençon.1415. Philippe de Bourgogne, without offspring. His(her) mother gave Bohain to her German 1430 cousin Pierre of Luxemburg, count of ligny, died without heir his(its,her) good returned to his(her) nephew.

1440 Louis of Luxemburg, count of ligny, St - pol, Braine, Lord of Mistletoes(booms), Enghien and Beaurevoir; was beheaded in 1475. Bohain's earth(ground) was seized and given by king Louis XI, with that of Beaurevoir, to Pierre de Bohan, Lord of Gié, marshal of France; but later she(it) was returned to the girl of Louis of Luxemburg, Marie, who carried(wore) her(it) at first to Jacques de Savoie in 1484, then to François de Bourbon, count of vendôme; and he gave also Oisy and Beaurevoir's lands.

Canton of Bohain. It(he) is situated in Not(was born). Of St Quentin and consists of two big villages, Bohain leader - place and Essigny-le-Grand, with the twelve villages of Becquigny, Brancourt, Croix-fonsommes, Premountain, Escaufourt, Etaves, Fountain Uterte, Monbrehain, Montigny-Carotte, Regnicourt, Seboncourt, and Serain, six hamlets and 23 farms or isolated houses, forming 12 parishes today.

Orographie:le ground of this canton, widely curled, is little sprayed and is crossed by no important stream. Géologie:craie white; sands service industries subordinate. Surface territoriale:15036 hectares 17 ares.

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