The Doberman

Here the photo of your Doberman


Doberman of 8 months of an Internet user

Real " pure blood " of the dogs of defence, the Doberman is not a dog to prélasser in the corner of the fire, even if its elegance gives to represent to him(her) in certain properties passionate luxueuses.très, always on the alert, it is the guard dog par excellence, to trust, with a powerful, fine muscular sculpture. The dobermann was created towards 1860 by friedrich mister Ludwig Doberman, official of the tax department in Apolda's city hall, in Thuringia, with the aim of obtaining a dissuasive dog to assist him(it) in these tours. The crossings for the creation of the race are badly known. The pinscher seems to be at the origin of the race. The idea of ludwig Doberman was to produce a dog with the caustic, today it would seem that it is the reality. The Doberman is a big person(main part) to mordeur it does not content with holding its prey in the mouth as the other races make him(it) beaucoups, but it relache and re-bites of more beautiful without stopping(arresting) what makes(does) a guard dog of it par excellence. In the United States it is the first guard dog in born number. Dog without problem, cheerful, player, with the children, the male Doberman measures from 65 to 70 cms and the female from 63 to 66 cms, with a middle weight of 25 kg, the female is a little longer than the male(mate), the head in shape of tronqué corner(place), presents a light stop at the level of eyes. The ear, placed height, and cut sharp (forbidden in our country) the muscular neck gives the elegance to this dog, the skeleton is powerful and without any defect, its step(method) is of a very big elegance. The Doberman to more and more followers, because of its beauty, but also of its imposing presence. I like this dog as much as pinschers, without forgetting naturally the other races. Please have read to me..

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