Kali and élliott says the grandpas

We are dwarfish pinschers

My name is kali

Name which was given to the goddess of the evil in India, but it it is another history, I arose on November 6, 1989 from male sex I weigh 3.6kgs 24cms in the withers and 48cms of length, dark brown eyes, hairs black and fire, very intelligent according to my boss, not of false modesty, I am very calin with my bosses but my defect is to bark for a mere nothing.

My wish: a day a mail with photos of a doginternaute (or one) pinscher Hopes to receive.

A Web site which we like

  I it is élliott

I arose on March 28, 1997 from male sex, I weigh 5.6kgs, and yes I am greedy, for the measurements not a lot of difference with my safe brother naturally for the weight and the hair which is of colour fire, my eyes much more clear than my brother, for the small defects I am fearless, light-fingered, and sometimes jealous person of him, but I believe that my boss forgives me all these defects, I am even sure of it, the proof it is for him whom I owe of étre on these web pages.

My wish: the same that my brother.

Return reception -


Pinschers is in Germany what dens are in the big - Brittany. They arise from these dogs among which the liveliness, the rashness predisposed to free(clear) them the man of its most unwanted, rats, field mouses, mouse. German selected two types of it: hard hair, the schnauzer, and the short hair the pinscher. in the family of pinschers schnauzers, the dwarfish pinscher granted itself the first one the place of dog of compagnie.de small size and little cumbersome but sturdy and without interview(maintenance), that what look for a little cumbersome dog can not dream better: of small size 25 in 30 cms in the withers, for a weight of 3à 5 kg, a big attentiveness, it(he) prevents(warns) you of the slightest noise, the dress black and fire, and of colour roe deer. The dwarfish pinschers is the smallest representatives of a family which peaks with the Doberman. It(he) has for a long time was called (Doberman - pinscher).
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