My radio station

Description of the matos the tx rx is a multimode 2; the ampli of 1000 watts and one galaxy (to emit(utter) with during the hours of television deprived the télespectateurs of images in 50 metres around) I emitted(uttered) only has to leave from 23 hours(o'clock) to this time there the TV was terminé.le microphone was a turner expander 500, I had a reducer of power of 100 milliwatts which allowed me to modulate during the day and some small gadgets in the console makes(does) house.

This was my radio station in 1981 naturally in 27 mhz

My passion for the reception of radio stations in began in the age of 12 years with a receiver in 7 leading lamps clarville that I posséde always moreover, with the band(strip) short waves and spread(displayed), I got almost the whole world, but what fasçinais to me most it was the written form, I could not admit, that one could express the same things with bips, as with word, I continued in this way with the other receivers, it is in 1971 when I joined the network of the French broadcasting stations, and it is in 1979 that I began on the band(strip) 27 mhz called CB, naturally illegal to emit(utter) in this band(strip), but the paradox and that one could hold(detain) a receiving broadcasting station without having the right to emit(utter).
I crossed(spent) hours with the friends on the QRG, QSO of hell with stations of North America, the South, Africa and pavement of opposite with in return a QSL, it was the good time, that should degenerate in the 80s by the façilité to get itself a receiving broadcasting station. And in more a law which authorized only to emit(utter) in FM, the mess arrived quickly with small
Jerks who knew nothing about the radio, and who were there that to offend and scold on the OM behind a pseudo As stupid as them. Please , forgive I for this excess of language but it does good, because it is they who destroyed(annulled) the band(strip) 27 mhz and who made him(it) to me leave with regrets. One found among friends, who had the same passion, the broadcast(emission,issue) and the recption radio, with all these fiddle. And the deontology.

I believe today that the same thing(matter) takes place with internet, façilité to treat(manipulate) a computer gratuitée of the FAI and the CASH in the key????.

You want to know more about it on the code of radios amateurs:cliquez here

CB = bandages citizens in French

QSO = puts into dialogue between two stations

QRG = to be on the band(strip)

QSL = card mail of the station makes(does) house cofirmant the QSO

OM = nobody having a pseudo as on internet

OH, I forgot 73 and 51 in what had a small moment of homesickness to read these some lines. Snif, snif and KALI and DX kilo alpha august operator can be a day on the QRG of the station local.

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